Faces Change, The Name Remains The Same

For the first time in almost 30 years Wendy’s is getting a new look.

Wendy looks refreshed, inviting and suited for today’s fast-food atmosphere. The hamburgers will stay squared-off but the logo is no longer boxed in. They have dropped the old west font type and subscribed to the idea that less is more.

Wendy’s has always sold their old fashioned-hamburgers as the fresh, never frozen burger so it’s about time the overall identity of Wendy’s freshens up, but is it too little too late? Fast food chains like McDonald’s have been slowly trying to find a new look since 2004 and ending up with McCafe’s across North America and not unlike so many other competitors, are offering a place to slow-down while taking a bite of fast food with fireplaces and free wifi. Many fast-food service restaurants are also creating a wide range of choices when it comes to the food they offer, catering to a more health-conscious society. Proof it takes more than a logo to reignite long-term interest.

Wendy’s will renovate 6,00 locations across North America in time to use the new logo in March 2013. Those of you who are looking for a little nostalgia with your fries are not to fear, Wendy’s will build a nostalgic test site across the street from it’s Dublin, Ohio headquarters that will house the company’s memorabilia. (The Columbus Dispatch, “Wendy’s to open nostalgic test site”)

Click here to find a a Wendy’s near you.


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