Skyhigh Box Office

Skyfall opened this weekend to a near $90 million dollar box office take; the highest opening for a Bond movie in the franchises 50 years.

Skyfall is the third Bond installment with actor Daniel Craig as the man with a license to kill. His first outing reinvigorated a double-O fan base with Golden Eye director Martin Campbell, but the next picture Quantum of Solace, while strong at the box office ultimately disappointed. James Bond fever was cooling rapidly.

So how does Skyfall have such a strong showing? It relies on an old-school cool factor with references to old bonds films and a theme song by Adele that harkens back to the songs of the 1960s. Visions of girls, guns and martinis.

The biggest change however, might be in first-time Bond director Sam Mendes (2000 Academy Awards Best Director for American Beauty) he is a veteran of stage directing and infuses his motion pictures with character development and storyline that is required for the stage. This juxtaposed with intelligent action scenes may be what sparked a frenzy at the box office.

I think popcorn movies that let you shut off any thought process will never go away and are necessary, but the highbrow action films like The Dark Knight Rises are proving you get a little further when you realize the audience is an intelligent crowd and look for a premium product when paying that premium price to get inside the cineplex.

For more on Skyfall click here


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